About Me

My name is Rebekah. I am a writer and a teacher who lives in a very small, very old house with two cranky orange cats in Kansas City. I am also a PhD candidate in creative nonfiction and disability studies at the University of Kansas. I am interested in the powerful connection between the cultural stories we tell and the world we live in, from physical spaces and economic opportunities to social roles and interpersonal relationships. As a teacher, I invite my students to think critically about these cultural narratives and challenge them to hone their skills as writers participating in their communities. My academic work focuses on self-representation, narratives of embodiment, life writing from social media to memoir, and disability as an identity. I write personal essays that participate in the stories being told about disability, some of which are linked on this website. I also run an Instagram account where I regularly craft “mini-memoirs” that explore what it means to live in my particular (crippled, female) body. I am currently working on a memoir that considers the familial, medical, and religious narratives that shaped my early understanding of my impaired body. The story follows my struggle to reclaim the powerful voice needed to narrate my own stories. Most of all, I am invested in finding ways to create the spaces for marginalized voices to tell their own stories and represent their own experiences.

For more details on my educational and professional background, see my curriculum vitae.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I loved your IG post re @onbeinginyourbody and I am really interested in and inspired by your work. I will be following. Just wanted to reach out and say – thank you for being you and sharing your story and journey. Ryan (@magnoliamomzy on IG)


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