“My Body is Not a Hindrance,” Shoot Proof with Anne Simone, January 2019

“Fashion and Disability with Sitting Pretty’s Rebekah Taussig” Personal Truths, May 2018

“The Intersection of Design & Disability at Home with Rebekah Taussig” Design*Sponge, April 2017

“My Body Muse: Rebekah Taussig” My Body Does Project, April 2017

“Meet the Author: Rebekah Taussig” Under the Gum Tree, December 2016

“Body Pos Project Interview” Body Pos Project, October 2016

“Body Image Series #19 Featuring Rebekah G. Taussig” Defrates Nutrition, May 2016


Podcast Chats

“Episode 15: Rebekah” Rebelliously Tiny with Ambivalently Yours, January 2019

“Episode 148: Disability and Diet Culture” Food Psych Podcast with Christy Harrison, March 2018

“Episode 15: Disability in Literature & Life In a Particular Body” There’s More to the Story with Janna Maron, December 2017



“The Rise of the Body Neutrality Movement: ‘If You’re Fat, You don’t Have to Hate Yourself'” by Anna Kessel, The Guardian, July 2018

“These Women With Disabilities Are Shaking Up Instagram with Their Powerful Messages of Body Positivity,” Tanya Leigh Ta, Livingly

With Disabilities You Should Follow On Instagram Immediately,” by Nina Matti, Bustle, November 2017

“21 Moments in 2016 That Reminded Us to Love Our Bodies More: Because Body Positivity is for Everyone,” by Alanna Vagianos, Huffington Post, December 2016

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